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Treasurer's House

Location: Minster Yard, York, YO1 7JL
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About Us

Nestled behind York Minster, all is not as it first appears. At one time divided into three houses, in the late 1800s wealthy Yorkshireman Frank Green created his version of a historic house to showcase his important collection. Find out about both sides of the story as he demolished parts of the house not to his liking, yet transformed a house of declining fortunes into a handsome property, with lavish interiors grand enough to entertain the future King, Edward VII. Around the festive period, the rooms are decorated with themes hinting at a Christmas past. You're welcome to wander at your own pace and booking isn't needed during this time. Plan a seasonal visit to the house to get you in the spirit or escape the rush of the city centre. Open this year Saturday - Wednesday, 12 noon - 4pm from 20 November - 19 December 2021.

Instead of the more common free flow, you’re invited to explore the house on a small group guided tour during April - early November; tours will return from April 2022. This journeys through the period rooms sharing stories of how the house came to look like it does, the man who had a vision, Mr. Frank Green, and his contribution to York and uncover more about some of his rather unique pieces of art and furniture. Mr. Green wanted a house to be shared and this is why he was the first person to gift their home, complete with collection to the National Trust charity.

You can book your place to guarantee timings or drop in and see when the next available tour is. All details of what to expect, what you need to know and how to book can be found on the website. There are a few other changes, the ghost cellar and attics tours aren’t currently running and the café and small shop in the basement are closed. Find Treasurer’s House next door to York Minster and this is where you’ll find the small but award winning city garden. The garden is free to enter on open days and is the perfect place to take some time out in the city and see what’s in bloom.

The remarkable collection includes antique furniture, ceramics, textiles and paintings from a 300-year period, collected by Frank Green as he travelled the world. Why not stay a bit longer? Check out one of the self-catered holiday accommodations: Minstergate and the newly developed Draper's Flat, just around the corner from Treasurer’s House. Above the city centre shop and another historic building in York the former owner Frank Green saved from being demolished. Situated in a beautiful timber-framed historic building in the heart of York, the accommodation has on-the-doorstep access to all of York’s main attractions.

Events at Treasurer's House

York Mix Richard Mc Dougall compressed
6th Dec 2021 - 4th Jan 2022

Christmas at Treasurer's House

Open Saturday - Wednesday, 12 noon - 4pm, no booking required. Returning once more is the season of garlands, twinklin…

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