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Treasure Hunt York

Location: York Observatory, Museum Gardens, Museum Street, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 7BH
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About Us

Turn today into an adventure with Treasure Hunt York

Discover York together by solving clues, scouring the city and following treasure maps.

Stroll through the beautiful Museum Gardens, sneak through snickelways, and discover the ancient Shambles. Treasure Hunt York will lead you on a beautiful route.

Spot things you wouldn’t normally notice, like the tiny character peering down on Ogleforth. Uncover interesting stories like how “mad Alice” got her name.

Everything’s at your own pace. Fancy relaxing in Museum Gardens? Enjoy! Look out for pretty cafes and tea-rooms to stop in along the route. There’s no rush.

It’s private and self-guided so you can avoid other people and stay in your own bubble.

Start playing in 60 seconds

It’s all on your phones, there’s nothing to print or collect.

Book online here - you’ll get a link to start your game straight away.

You can rearrange or cancel

We’re flexible. If you change your mind, or you can’t play any more, simply play another day or cancel for free.

Designed for adults, suitable for kids 8+

The game is designed for adults as well as curious kids around 8 and up.

Younger ones are welcome though you may have to help by interpreting the clues and Captain Bess’ pirate speak.

The whole route is pushchair friendly, avoiding steps or showing step-free alternative routes.

Click HERE to find out more and book your tickets!

Fun or your money back!

You’re going love Treasure Hunt York.

If you don’t have fun, we promise to give your money back. We’ll ask for a quick chat on the phone to understand what went wrong.

Ready to start your adventure?

Click HERE to book your tickets!

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