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CityDays - Urban exploration and epic adventures

City exploration games, bring the secrets and forgotten stories of York to life.
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About Us

Urban exploration and epic adventures

Immerse yourself in the secrets and forgotten stories of York. Work together to solve masterfully balanced puzzles that bring its rich past to life.

Solve a centuries old murder in The Fatal Feud; Delve into the mysteries and mythology of York's Viking and Roman past in The Drowned City; or take a more laid back approach with Quirks and Snickets.

Winding riddles and gripping narratives actively engage players with the city, bringing its secrets to life. Choose your trail and relive York's ancient legends.

  • Receive puzzle-filled clues sent directly to your phone.
  • Experience city highlights and best-kept secrets.
  • Play any time.
  • Enjoy as a team, with friends and family.
  • Optional breaks at top independent pubs & cafes.
  • Stop and start at your leisure.
  • Discover niche facts and fascinating snippets of history.
  • Activities are backed by an unconditional love it or money back guarantee.

CityDays specialises in crafting engaging urban adventures across the globe, showcasing city secrets and delivering memorable experiences.

Want to learn more about the things to do and see in York - checkout out their blog!

Opening Times

Opening hours vary per trail, please see our trail pages for more info.

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