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The Deathly Dark Tour

Location: 9 Grape Lane, YORK, North Yorkshire, YO17HU
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About Us

Dorian Deathly is a grimly curious tour guide in York, a city believed to be the most haunted in all of Europe. Join him, and together you will walk the streets and talk of some foul and festering things.

The tour begins outside the wonderful 1331 bar and restaurant, ending near the looming stones of Clifford's Tower.

A different kind of tour, for those looking to experience the darker side of York with a grim sense of humour. Suitable for friends, families and foes of all ages. All tour times will be listed in full on the website but if you have any queries, please do give Dorian a call.

Opening Times

Friday 8pm / Saturday 8pm / Sunday 8pm

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