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The Bar Convent

Location: The Bar Convent, 17 Blossom Street, York, YO24 1AQ
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About Us

The story of the Bar Convent begins with a secret.

In 1686, a time when Catholicism was punishable by death, a group of devout women who called themselves the 'Ladies of the Bar', risked their lives to establish a hidden convent and the first school for girls in York.

Visit our fascinating exhibition to discover how the Convent survived times of persection, angry mobs and Luftwaffe bombs and hear the stories of the remarkable women who helped shape its history- and still live here today.

Our stunning Hidden Chapel is an incredible example of how devout catholics continued to worship in secret. See how this magnificent domed chapel was so cleverly disguised from the outside world and incorporated astonishing innovative features designed to keep its occupants safe- can you find our hidden priet hole and spot the eight doorways for a quick escape?

Don't miss a visit to our award-winning cafe, gift shop and, for a truly unique experience, you can even stay in our guest house.To book direct click HERE.

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