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Rare Bird Distillery

Location: The Stable Block', Unit 2, Talbot Yard, Yorkersgate, MALTON, North Yorkshire, YO17 7FT
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About Us

The Distillery is loated at the hert of the ‘Food capital of Yorkshire’ so called because of the number of artisan producers in Malton.

The eyecatching building is a former stable block, with a lage picutre window of a stunning view over the Howardian Hills beyond. Inside there is an eqully eyecathcing vista, in th eform of our shiney copper 300 litre still named ‘Florence.’ Named after the famous Italian city, with its glorious dome shaped terrocta roofs. Such was our inspiration for the styling and taste of our London Dry Gin.

If this isn’nt enough to impress you, take a look upstairs into a galleried space which is now a Gin School. Comprising 8 separate work stations, each fitted with a with 2.5 litre still in which you can concoct yoru own flavour of gin. Let your gastro senses go wild amoung our seletion of botanicals, which includes everything from chilli to vanilla, coffee and marigold flower.

The Gin School experience is a 2-3 hour indulgence in making yoru own craft gin, takign home a full 70cl bottle and a full tour of the Distillery and gin making process. Hosted by the Owner & Distiller, Matt Stewart. For more information, please click HERE.

Or simply indulge in the distillery – enjoy a G&T in the environemnt it was produced. Soak up th ejuniper aromoas and tasting notes of our gin.

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