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Paranormal Research York - Team Building

Location: York, North Yorkshire
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About Us

We are York's only Ghost Hunting team and we give you the chance to be fully involved in a real interactive paranormal investigation using traditional and hi-tech equipment in some of York's most famous and historic venues.

You can try activities such as the Human Pendulum and traditional activities such as crystal pendulums and planchettes as well as using high-tec equipment such as the spirit box and SLS camera (stickman as seen on TV). We allow and encourage our guests to use our investigating equipment on events and you can investigate the building yourself (with a team member on hand just incase)! No two events are ever the same.

We have a maximum of 10-15 guests, depending on venue size, and this allows our guests to fully experience the thrill of a ghost hunting event. Each event has a team medium present, and on some events we have two mediums.

What better way to experience what the spirits of York want to share, than joining a Paranormal Research York investigation.

So, bring yourself and your senses to fully experience the paranormal world of York, Europe's most haunted city. At recent events we have had spirits communicate with us from the Viking age to the present day.

Will you connect with some of York's most notorious spirits? What about the judges who sentenced villians to hang or those who claim they met a more grisly end to their life? York has it all and we connect with these spirits on a regular basis.

We will never fake anything at our events, what we get is completely dependant upon the spirits, but we have the experience to communicate with them and try a range of activities to give you the proof you need to believe there is life beyond this one.

In light on the Covid-19 situation we are taking extra care of our team, guests and hosts, to see how click Here Our Covid-19 Charter

We only host events in York and the surrounding areas. You can see all of our events on this site or on our website or facebook page - click HERE https://paranormalresearchyork...

Facebook page is Paranormal Research York - Ghost Hunting Events @pryyork

We are a very friendly team and you will be made very welcome at our events and we even provide light refreshments!

If you have any further queries, please email us at

Clare and Kevin

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