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Love Cheese

The difference is Love!
Location: Love Cheese, 16 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ
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About Us

Do you Love Cheese? Then a trip to York isn’t complete without visiting us at Love Cheese.

A quirky, cosy cafe and bar with a delightful secret garden. Love Cheese and The Speakcheesey specialise in wine, cheese and toasties, alongside a selection of coffees, beers, and food.

We are a specialist cheese shop, cafe and based in York city centre. Create your perfect cheeseboard and finish it off with our select range of wines and beers or one of our artisan coffees. Or join us for a 5-course wine and cheese tasting!

In addition we also offer fresh local bread, pork pies, olives, crackers and chutneys. The perfect pairings for your cheese! For the cheese lover in your life we have a fab selection of cheese based gifts and hampers made to order.

We also specialise in providing cheeses for weddings and events – come and have a chat to see how we can help you create a visually stunning and delicious range of cheeses for your event.

Opening Times

Tuesday 10am - 5pm

Wednesday 10am - 4pm

Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 10am - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 8pm

Events at Love Cheese

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11th Feb 23 , 19:00 (2h 0m)

Bubbles & Brie Valentines Tasting – Saturday 11th February 2023

Oozey cheeses paired with a selection of delicious sparkling wines… What more could you want in an evening? We’ll be ta…

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3rd Mar 23 , 19:00 (2h 0m)

Fantastic French Cheese & Wine Tasting – Friday 3rd March 2023

The French love bread, cheese and wines, so it’s only expected that they produce some of the most delicious, flavour-fi…

Lovecheese jun2021 7
24th Mar 23 , 19:00 (2h 0m)

“Seriously Spanish” Cheese, Meats & Wine Tasting – Friday 24th March 2023

Spain, the land of tapas and sangria, is renowned for its great food! This cheese, meats and wine pairing is a wonderfu…

21st Apr 23 , 19:00 (2h 0m)

Best of British Cheese & Wine Tasting – Friday 21st April 2023

For this tasting we’re bringing it back home, exploring some absolutely fabulous British wine and cheeses!! This 5-cour…

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