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Los Moros - Restaurant

Location: Los Moros, 15-17 Grape Lane, YORK, North Yorkshire, YO1 7HU
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About Us

Founded in 2015 by Tarik Abdeladim, we began in a small gold shed in the Shambles Market. After three years of cooking and learning, we’re opening a restaurant.

Los Moros means ‘the Moors’ in Spanish. It’s a loose term and has come to mean many different people, from the Arabs, Berbers and the Jewish people who lived in Andalusia in the Middle Ages. We chose the name because the culinary heritage of North African cuisine is partly influenced by those different cultures, and our menu is full of these flavours and ideas.

The street food stall has always been a space for meeting and eating together; eating well and not too seriously. Our restaurant gives us chance to make dishes we can’t at the market, and to welcome people to eat with us night and day. We like to think we serve special food without the song and dance.

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