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Location: The Moors National Park Centre, Lodge Lane, Danby, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 2NB
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Inspired by gallery 1 Credit Chris J Parker NYMNPA 453778656
Inspired by gallery 6 Credit Charles Twist NYMNPA 192361327
Inspired by gallery 2 Credit Chris J Parker NYMNPA 787843010
Inspired by gallery 10 Credit Ebor Images 1324252701
Inspired by gallery 9 Credit Paul D Hunter NYMNPA 6480170
Inspired by gallery 12 Credit Tony Bartholomew NYMNPA 1796032130
Inspired by gallery 11 Credit Stev Hayward NYMNPA 619920815
Inspired by gallery 5 Credit Ebor Images 347284606
Inspired by gallery 7 Credit Charles Twist NYMNPA 1978098230
Inspired by gallery 4 Credit Ebor Images 1235299238
About Us
The beautiful North York Moors National Park, with its heather moorland, ancient woodland, lush green dales and rugged coastline, proves a real magnet for artists who come from far and wide to capture this amazing place. Each artist brings their own unique take on the landscape and wildlife of the North York Moors, capturing the changing light and seasons in a variety of different media, from glass and jewellery makers to painters and photographers. The Inspired by... gallery at The Moors National Park Centre was created as a showcase for art inspired by the landscape, life and colour of the North York Moors. Exhibitions change on a regular basis so each visit presents a different perspective on the surrounding scenery. For details of current exhibitions, go to Parking: £2.20 for two hours & £4 per day. Yearly and weekly car park passes available

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