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Eboracum Candles

Luxury Scented Candles and Diffusers
Location: Red House , 1 Duncombe Place, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7ED
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About Us

Inspired by the city of York, defined by classical elegance, Eboracum Candles brings you a range of high quality, luxurious scented products that add a touch of decadence to any home and make the most delightful gift that everyone will truly appreciate. We aspire to excellence with every item.

Discover our beautiful selection of hand-poured, vegan-friendly fragranced candles, bringing the essence of the ancient city of York into your home. Our candles are named after famous York landmarks, making them an excellent souvenir.

We also offer premium fragranced oils and stylish reed diffusers which team up perfectly with our stunning bespoke handmade glass diffuser bottles from Sanders & Wallace. Browse our shop and find more Sanders & Wallace artisan glassware and a selection of hand-crafted ceramics from local North Yorkshire artists.

Protecting the environment is close to our hearts, and so we guarantee that our products are cruelty-free, and recyclable and all our packaging is FSC certified.

From the heart of Yorkshire to your home, discover the fragrant world of Eboracum Candles.

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Eboracum Candles

Spa Days Room & Pillow Mist Essential Oils

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Eboracum Candles

Focused Room & Pillow Mist Essential Oils

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1936 F923 2771 4 FEA A90 E DDEDA996 C0 A4
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Eboracum Candles

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