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About Us

Demijohn was founded in 2004 in Edinburgh's Old Town by Angus and Frances Ferguson and is York's only award winning liquid deli from Scotland. Demijohn's main outlet is now via its York store at 11 Museum Street, and its online shop for mail order. In addition there is an ever increasing number of smaller Demijohn Concession Stores opening around the UK, located within other Farm Shops and independent retailers. Inspired by our own love of good food and drink, we have brought together a remarkable collection of British wines and spirits. Our shelves are lined with products such as Seville Orange Gin, Raspberry Vodka or Single Malt Scotch Whisky, first class olive oils and vinegars, including a range of delicious fruit vinegars made from hedgerow fruits such as Brambles and Raspberries. To shop online, please click HERE.

Our products represent an underworld of small artisanal British producers who make some of the finest things known to mankind. We allow our customers to try something completely original and delicious in an extremely fun way. When you visit our shop you will not only get to taste what we are selling, but we will let you know all about it as well. We then individually bottle your choice from our distinctive demijohns into our selection of attractive Italian glass bottles. Those lucky enough to own a Demijohn bottle are encouraged to return to our shops and have it refilled, for the cost of the refill only. Demijohn has a wonderful array of gift ideas, starting at around £9 for a 100ml bottle that can be gift wrapped and personalised for free.To find out more please visit our website or come and see us in our York store and try a little of the underworld for yourself!

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