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Clueniversity of Magic - Solve The City

York's outdoor city adventure.
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About Us

The Most Creative Way to Experience York!

Solve The City brings our latest outdoor adventure game to York. Part treasure trail, part outdoor escape room our games are unique, innovative and immersive! All our adventures are suitable for families, friends and team-building events and combine funny moments, genuine puzzles to crack, objects to handle and people to engage with. All this happens within a maximum of 3 hours! It's hugely memorable, fun and rewarding - check out our reviews! A GPS-enabled app on your phone will guide you, but you and your friends/family will need to pit your wits to crack the clues! You'll see York differently after playing!

The Story

You’ve probably heard of wizarding school…now it’s time to really test your powers of observation, deduction and all-round the Clueniversity of Magic!

After studying potion making, alchemy, spellcasting and much more, your final exam awaits you. You will need your wits, ingenuity and team working skills to be awarded the title of Noble Wizards. Your exam comprises a single mission: reveal the imposter wizard at the Clueniversity, by solving a series of clues across York city centre, you can unfold the mystery and reveal the name of the imposter.

Can you succeed and enter the famed halls of the Clueniversity of Magic?

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How Does It Work?

The game commences at a secret (yes, exciting isn't it!) location somewhere on Micklegate. From here you will embark on a journey into the streets of York, guided by a GPS-enabled app on your phone. Each specially chosen location you arrive at has a unique puzzle to work out and each clue you crack takes you one step closer to solving the mystery! The game is played by teams of 2-5 people (you can book online here). Typical game duration is around 2 hours - each game must be completed within a maximum of 3 hours (so you can take a break if you wish).

Children (under 16s) must be accompanied by at least one adult (18+). Under 10s play for free.

If you have more questions, please view our FAQs or contact us directly at

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Interested In Our Other Locations?

If you are interested in our other games (in Bath, Cambridge, Oxford & Stratford-Upon-Avon), please click here.

Opening Times

Games take place 7 days a week from 10:15-17:00.

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