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Chatime York

Location: 2 Coney Street, YORK, North Yorkshire, YO1 9NA


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About Us

'Cha' simply means 'tea'. So a trip to Chatime is, quite simply, 'tea time'. What else could be better to integrate into Great Britain - a nation known for being the greatest tea enthusiasts! Chatime was founded in Taiwan, where bubble tea originates from. Globally, we now have over 2000 stores worldwide, yet we are ever committed to continuously develop our drink recipes so we can maintain the excellent quality of our drinks no matter what country you may be in. Our tapioca pearls are regularly cooked fresh on site every day to maintain that chewy, delectable, yet moreish texture. If tapioca isn't to your taste, we also have 10 other permanent toppings available all year round for your choosing, as well as customising how cold or sweet what is truly YOUR drink, At Chatime, we like to believe that there is a bubble tea to suit everyone's tastes. Whether you are a new customer or a returning customer, please feel free to ask our helpful staff for a recommendation that suits you.

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