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Beautiful Holiday homes in York
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About Us

A portfolio of luxurious holiday homes, oozing French sophistication and beauty which is at the centre of our vision. We are at the forefront of our industry, providing unrivalled holiday and executive business accommodation in York and other highly sought after locations within North Yorkshire.

Customer care is our priority, offering a unique concierge service as well as membership benefits ensuring that we consistently over-deliver on customer expectations. Fulfilling customer needs and desires is a huge part of our culture, so our ability to please and provide is the measure of our success.

We go over and above traditional holiday home accommodation providers.

Our current Portfolio of holiday homes includes:

The Courtyard by Chateau Anna – A perfectly appointed one bed city centre apartment in the heart of York

See website for details

The Bishy by Chateau Anna – A Two-bed house in the centre of York.

See website for details

Victoria Bar by Chateau Anna – A One- bed bijou apartment within the city walls of York.

See website for details

Knavesmire view by Chateau Anna – A One apartment within a stones throw of York racecourse.

See website for details

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 9am until 6pm

Sat - Sun 9am until 1pm

Room Types
Room Type
Room Price*
Room Notes
The knavesmire view (Sleeps 4)
See website for details
1 bedroom luxury apartment with views over the racecourse
The Garden courtyard (Sleeps 4)
See website for details
1 bedroom luxury apartment with beautiful courtyard
Victoria Bar (Sleeps 4)
See website for details
1 bedroom luxury apartment in the heart of the city
The Bishy (Sleeps 6)
See website for details
Luxury 2 bedroom house in the heart of York

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