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Black Yak Ltd

Location: Shambles Market, YORK, North Yorkshire, YO1 8RY


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About Us

Black Yak supplies high quality and stylish clothing and crafts from around the world and is very proud to be recognised as a Fair Trade importer, wholesaler and retailer. With our UK designers and production facilities in Nepal, Black Yak produces summer cotton and winter wool ranges with an emphasis on quality and style. Whether you prefer a timeless hand knitted classic, an ultra warm and versatile outdoor style or a funky, make you smile design; Black Yak has something for you.

Come and see us on the Jubbergate part of York’s brilliant Shambles Market on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. We can also be found at the wonderful St Nicholas Christmas market in York.

Have a look at or contact us at or on 01377 217777 for our latest designs.

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