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Anne Lister in York Walking Tour

A window into 19th century York
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About Us

I am a Blue Badge Tourist Guide for Yorkshire and London. Among the many tours I take guests on, one of my favourites is Anne Lister in York. I live right in the middle of the historic core of York and late night dog walks through the quiet streets and alleys and a fascination with the diaries and life of Anne Lister have piqued my imagination. Have a preview - see a few little excerpts here.

What was York like 200 years ago? Did Anne walk here? Did she go in this shop? Was this building here? Who else walked these streets? Luckily, Anne left us lots of clues. A coded diary, with over 5 million words, reveals the footsteps of Anne Lister as she lived, loved, learned , partied and shopped ( she LOVED to shop) in this city.

Her life inspired the recent BBC TV series 'Gentleman Jack' filmed here in York - so come and see the on-screen locations too.

Book onto one of my regular monthly public tours, or contact me today to enquire about a private tour. Join me in time travel back to late Georgian York and discover this city through the eyes of Anne.

Opening Times

Dates for Bookable Tours for 2022 are now on the Website.

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