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Based on the discoveries of the ground-breaking Coppergate Dig - which revealed the expansive trade routes of the Vikings - JORVIK Viking Centre explores the everyday lives of the traders, raiders and settlers in York. You can even see (and unfortunately smell) one Viking on the toilet!

As part of this unique experience, you can also meet the Vikings who would have lived in 10th-century Jorvik.

Today we are going to chat to just a few of the Vikings you can meet when you visit.

First up, we meet Wulfruna...


Hi, so can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Wulfruna, I live in Jorvik with my family. My husband, Eric, is a jeweller.

Do you enjoy living in Jorvik?

Yes definitely! We’ve done very well here. It’s a great place to sell jewellery to visitors and traders who come to Jorvik. There are lots of craftsmen making a living on Coppergate so it gives me the opportunity to meet like minded settlers and traders.

So, you’re doing well here?

Well, let’s just say I can afford to add a bit of bling to my tunic!

Thanks Wulfruna! Let’s see who’s next...


Hi, what’s your name?

Hi, I’m Ingvar!

So, what brings you here?

I’ve just come back from the Middle East and I’m looking to sell some silk & exotic spices I've brought back with me.

Why Jorvik?

Jorvik is a great place to trade and sell! It’s a bustling town and there are many other traders here. It’s also positioned right next to the River Ouse which gives me access to trade networks all over the world. So I've got a good opportunity to be able to get a good price for what I sell.

What’s next for you?

I’m always looking forward to the next big adventure! Perhaps I’ll head to Ribe in Denmark to acquire some antler or maybe I’ll journey to the Iberian peninsula to see what I can trade.

Good luck Ingvar!

Get a little bit extra from your visit


JORVIK Vikings offer a wealth of knowledge about the Viking Age, the Coppergate Dig and the fascinating artefacts that were discovered - make sure you say hello when you visit…


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