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York is a city with a dark past, its history is rife with tales of guts, gore, torture and ghosts. The International Ghost Research Foundation even declared York as the most haunted city in Europe due to its bloodstained history and over 500 hauntings within the ancient city walls.

Founded by Romans in 71AD, the city's violent and volatile history – including Viking invasions, the Norman Conquest and the Civil War – makes its sinister legacy easy to understand. Sometimes it seems as though a ghostly figure with a score to settle is in residence in just about every street or ginnel.

Read on for a guide to some of seriously scary things to do in York this Halloween.

1. Séance Halloween Show at York Dungeon

Haunted Seance York Dungeon

One of the best places to glimpse York’s gruesome past is at York Dungeon, where the shocks and thrills are so immersive that you’ll lose track of where history ends and the present begins. Join sinister Victorian medium, Georgina Eagle, otherwise known as Madame Card, in a brand-new Halloween show. Get ready to contact the Spirit world as you find yourself in the year 1872, participating in one of Madame Card's sought after Séance shows where she will open your eyes to the world of unliving. Entrance to York Dungeon is included with York Pass.

2. Paranormal Research York

Halloween Blog Paranormal Research

If you want to explore York’s haunted building after dark, the city’s professional ghost hunters, Paranormal Research York, hold regular Ghost Hunt events across the city. Join them in their investigations, as they try to uncover the truth behind sightings, sounds and unexplained sensations.

3. Ghost Walks in York

Halloween Blog Ghost Walks

York’s ghostly residents come from across the city as well as across the ages, so going on a ghost walk is a great way to find out more about the different spooky stories and visit various supernatural sites. As you're guided down the cobblestone and snickelways, keep your eyes and ears open for any ghostly goings on.

4 Hallowscream at York Maze

Halloween Blog Hallowscream

For a night of truly terrifying entertainment, Hallowscream returns to York Maze. Fear and fun come together in the five themed haunted houses, with over 100 actors bringing your worst nightmares to life. Return to the relative safety of the central entertainment zone to steady your nerves with scrumptious street food.

York Park & Ride

If you want to journey into York’s creepy city centre this Halloween, use York Park & Ride. Just download the First Bus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and purchase your mTickets. 

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