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Feature: York Minster Revealed

The York Minster Revealed project is a five-year project generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), scheduled for completion in early summer 2016. It is the largest restoration and conservation project of its kind in the UK and will transform York Minster as a visitor attraction whilst conserving its world-class stonework and stained glass for generations to come.

It is an exciting time at York Minster and over the next five years visitors will be able to see many dynamic changes taking place as the visitor experience is transformed.

State-of-the-art multimedia galleries, new displays of historic collections and stained glass plus interactive interpretations will create new learning opportunities for all ages.

Improved access to the South Transept, Undercroft, Treasury and Crypt will transform the experience of visiting York Minster for everyone.

Your entrance ticket is valid for a year so you can make more than one visit and witness the project take shape and transform the Minster over time. To find out more about the project visit

The Orb

The medieval stained glass York Minster’s Great East Window has been described as the English equivalent of the Sistine Chapel. Visitors can see some of the newly conserved panels up close in a new gallery housed in a contemporary metallic ‘Orb’ within York Minster’s historic East End.

The Orb at York Minster

The Orb is a 10 metre wide, 3 metre tall dome that has been installed to the East of York Minster’s Quire, directly below the Great East Window. Visitors will walk inside The Orb to see displays of five newly-conserved panels taken from the Great East Window – four permanently on display and one which will change each month during the Orb’s three year tenancy of the space.

The panels are the brainchild of unsung British artist, John Thornton. They are of such international importance that this collection is comparable with an exhibition of Rembrandt or Vermeer. Find out more >

Conservation & Restoration

In the largest conservation and restoration project of its kind in the UK. Cutting-edge science is meeting ancient craftsmanship. The project is drawing upon international expertise, from masons and carvers to glass conservators, at the award-winning stone and stained-glass studios.

Stonemason working at York Minster

The Stoneyard - almost 3,500 stones need conserving or replacing on the East End. Tradiotional, medieval skills and ground-breaking technology work hand-in-hand to keep the structure secure for the future.

The Bedern Studio and York Glazier's Trust - John Thornton's Great East Window would have been a magnificent sight when first revealed, but time and repair have not been kind. Over 600 years later, it has become the world’s largest jigsaw. Click here to find out more...

The Undercroft

As part of York Minster Revealed, The Undercroft and Treasury are being transformed into a series of dynamic new interactive galleries and exhibitions.

The Undercroft at York Minster


In this brand new experience within the underground chambers of York Minster, history is alive and breathing: a rare place where all times co-exist. Walk in the footsteps of Roman soldiers, discover dramatic events that threatened the existence of the Minster, and explore the lives of the people, past and present, who have made this one of the greatest cathedrals in the world.

Dynamic new audiovisual and interactive galleries reveal the significance behind York Minster’s treasures as never before, in an inspirational, two thousand-year heroic, historic and human journey.

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Kiss under the Heart of Yorkshire Window and stay together forever...

Kiss under the Heart of Yorkshire window and stay together forever...

According to the legend, all loved up couples that kiss under the 'Heart of Yorkshire' window - located within the cathedral's Great West Window - will stay together forever.


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