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Wrap yourself up in York, the home of chocolate...

While other northern centres made their wealth from wool, cotton and steel, York went its own sweet way and built a city from chocolate. York truly is the home of chocolate and this great tradition continues to this day. All over the city are echoes of York's chocolate past.

Follow the York chocolate trail and discover how chocolate shaped York as well as, an array of themed cafés and individual chocolate shops all around the city. If you love chocolate, York is the place to indulge your passion.

Don't forget for the complete decadence, book yourself a chocolate break in York! A number of properties are offering two night stays with that little extra something for the chocoholic. Plus lots more offers around the city celebrating all things sweet....

Download Trail

York Chocolate Trail PDF downloadDownload and print your free copy of the York Chocolate Trail in PDF format then begin your journey of discovery around the chocolate city.






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Choctastic Facts about York

History of Chocolate in York

6 million Kit Kats are produced in York every day - over 1 billion every year.

York Chocolate Fact

Before the iconic Chocolate Orange, Terry's first created a Chocolate Apple.

Facts about Chocolate in York

In the 1920s, Rowntree's created the Mr York of York, Yorks character, who featured in the first ever animated advertisement with sound.

Facts about Chocolate in York

For the Johnny Depp blockbuster Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, York's Nestle Rowntree factory produced 1000s of chocolate bars.

Facts about Chocolate in York

York's first motor vehicle was the Rowntree van. The firm fixed a giant can of Cocoa Elect to the roof to promote the brand.


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